July at Pannells Ash Barn (a luxury holiday let renovation)
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Hello again

I’ve been told it’s July, though like this year’s weather, the build hasn’t moved as much as I’d hoped since my last post in March – the bat issue trundles on.

With survey after survey, establishing how many bats we have, and whether they’ve set up a permanent camp or just treating it as a fly-thru restaurant; building work is impeded.

It’s not all bad!

But, doing what we can, where we can and when we can, we have been able to get on with repairing the courtyard flint and brick wall which was heavily encased in cement render.

Over to the right, shows how our beautiful wall looked when we started.

These pictures along with the many we’re taking every day, are a good reminder for us of the journey we’re on.

Onwards and upwards

This week Bev and I signed the build contract with DNPS builders. Over the next few weeks we hope to be able to show you pictures of them hard at work.

The recent weather has made everything grow like crazy hiding the fence we put up and making it look right at home!

Where’s the fence gone?
Thankfully, the barn’s dry.
With no floods. Touch wood.
The north side of the barn’s new feature.

In fact even one of the chestnut fence posts has shoots growing off it. Despite all the rain the barn has remained very dry but externally, on the north side of the barn, nature’s new colour coating is extreme to say the least… Think I will have to replace the kitchen door.

I truly hope that once the convertion is complete we not only have a wonderful home and holiday let business but that we have retained the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the property.

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