October at Pannels Ash Barn – a luxury holiday let renovation
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Work on the barn has delivered noticeable change during the last couple of weeks.

The holiday lets’ roof is almost finished, the barn roof is almost completely removed and the scaffolding has gone up inside so work can start on the main property – providing my first real chance to get close enough to inspect the beams, knees and rafters.

Darren has managed to fit the glazed end frame to the end of the lets, which was not a simple matter as the roof ridge is not square to the building. Not a lot is. Both the roof and walls move in various directions adding to the barn’s character!

The frame arrives.

A quick trim.

After lots of fiddling, it’s finally in place.

Autumn has landed

Autumn has truly arrived with dark, crisp mornings providing a serene start to the day.

Most of the barn’s structural work is now complete, but Rick still had probably the worst corner of the barn to go.

For years a broken drainpipe had eroded the soil under the corner causing it to break away. It didn’t look any better from the inside. But Rick has done a fantastic job to make a secure corner once again. (The corner is covered with sackcloth to stop the lime mortor drying out too quickly.)

Attacking at all angles

Now and then, the pace of change with this renovation takes your breath away. We have a repair, build or rebuild running throughout the property. I’m sure it’s going to seem pretty quiet when we’re done.

Scaffolding now fills the barn, allowing access to the top corners of the build, while plenty continues at ground level.

The frame work in the lets is defining the rooms, while their protection from the elements has taken a big step forward with the windows being set in place.

We even have plumbers and electricians scurrying around, busy concluding tasks to enable the insulation and plasterboard to hide their efforts from sight.

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