Pannells Ash Barn holiday let renovation gaining pace
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Picking up the pace

Development is starting to motor at Pannells Ash Barn with the Bat Licence finally issued, planning permission received to start work on the out building (the bat issue did not relate to those buildings), and we’ve been able to get on with ground work and digging in the klargester (septic tank).

It all went wrong. Almost.

We had a bit of a fright when the structural engineers suggested the entire barn may have required underpinning, in order to give us the floor levels we desire. A second survey carried out a couple of days later fortunately found that this was not going to be the case, but it was a very stressful time.

Here’s some of our latest photos:

Here’s the kitchen a few weeks ago. It needs some work.
Now, we’ve been able to start work of the barn itself (having the Bat Licence), the vision for the barn’s northern entrance is taking shape.

This is the vaulted ceiling in the holiday lets. We have to source the timber to replace three of the tie beams.
I’m very much enjoying our barn courtyard wall (which had been covered in cement render and was being repaired at the time of our last update), now finished, and looking truly beautiful.

Here’s the repaired court yard wall seen from the scaffolding.

Looking down the holiday let rooms, from north to south. They are getting ready to put the screen down. Then it’ll be the metal reinforcing, then the concrete.

The scaffolding goes up for the cart lodge build which should finish by the end of this week.
I love these log store containers. Eventually we’ll house this in the hedge that will make up the third side of the barn courtyard.
Before & after. What a difference a cleanup and repair has made to our arrow windows.

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