The latest at Pannells Ash Barn – March 2012
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Sorry about the long wait for an update but progress has been slow. The build has been held up because we had to resubmit the planning application and the little issue of bats in the barn continues.
Two days work on the hedgerow
 has made it look much bette
We now have to determine whether the bats are just treating it as a fly through restaurant or as a roosting site.

Blood, sweat and … bruises

Still the delay has given us time to get to know the property up close and personal clearing a lot of the overgrowth. And there is no shortage of it!

The hedgerow to the north of the barn was closing down the gap between the hedge and the barn. This was making the whole of the north side of the barn very dark and making the distance seem less.
Clearing the area left me looking like I have been trying to hold a feral cat – I have a whole lot of new respect for hawthorn and brambles – but the end result was worth the sweat.

A sight for sore eyes

I am begining to learn the importance of discovering the true vistas of the property, especially as the plans are easier to alter now than once the build has started, however even now every alteration is a fresh drawing.

Sleeping at the barn has provided fantastic nights of star gazing -the lack of ambiant light means that on clear nights looking at the stars is a joy. And the early mornings have enabled me to meet the local deer, pheasants and rabbits and a few things I still need to identify. Oh yes, and Jane who delivers the post with a smile.

The project needs to progress though and a great deal of expense looms. We have invited four builders to pitch for the build which will be interesting – it is one thing buying the place believing you have the budget to convert it into your dream, but the reality I’m sure will be a bitter pill.

We’ll be back soon with another update, fingers crossed, with much more development to report on.

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